President´s speech

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

allow me to address you in this way and invite you on behalf of the organizers to the Conference on emergency medical services. For the first time in the history of Slovakia, in November 2023, we are organizing a conference in Bratislava, which will be devoted solely to the issues of the system of organization, management, financing and, in particular, development trends in emergency medical services. We are preparing a rich professional and social program for you as an opportunity to establish new contacts as well as to create a communication network of experts in the given field. Your participation, whether active or passive, is a great opportunity to take away something new from the event on the topics of past development, current status and future image of EMS activity.

We look forward to meeting you.
President of the conference MUDr. Jozef Karaš, MPH, MSc.

Dear colleagues, friends,

AGEL is the most successful private health care provider in Central Europe. It operates almost 40 medical facilities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic alone, through which it provides inpatient health care, ambulatory health care, laboratory diagnostics and specialized health care.

The company AGEL Merea a.s. is a member of the AGEL group with a primary focus on transport health services, educational activities for health workers and the general public, and emergency medical services. Together with my colleagues, we have been dedicated to emergency pre-hospital health care and emergency medical services for almost our entire professional life. During this period, we managed to establish and especially develop invaluable contacts in the affected segment, not only in the domestic environment, but mainly abroad. Emergency prehospital health care is a living organism that requires continuous evolutionary changes in the context of the environment that surrounds it. It includes immediate institutional health care and, of course, ambulatory health care.

As we have recently witnessed inevitable changes in the field of institutional health care, which the AGEL group primarily deals with, these changes cannot be implemented without the necessary changes in pre-hospital health care. Change is inevitable. That is why we decided to contribute to the professional public debate by organizing a conference exclusively on the topic of emergency medical services and transport medical services, which are complementary in most developed countries. At the same time, we asked for the active participation of our domestic and foreign colleagues from various countries of the European Union, who have a lifetime of experience in setting up and managing system processes in EMS, PTS and emergency lines.

I look forward to our meeting together.

Ernest Caban
Chairmen of the Board of Directors of AGEL Merea a.s.